<3 Rusty. <3 Choire.

I love everybody. Everybody I follow is my favorite people. I don’t follow any people I don’t like.

Rusty Foster: What I Read

Rusty Foster is basically one of the most fun people on Twitter. If you’re not reading Today in Tabs, you should be. But geez, growl notifications for every tweet?!

These media diet posts are pretty fun. Choire Sicha did something similar (minus telling us what he reads) for Full Stop. The whole thing is immensely quotable, and reading it creates this great feeling of playing jump rope with the line between keen insights and hard trolling.

QFP (Quote For Proof)

I guess I think that writing becomes significant through labor. The cherished things online, whether they be profitable or not, clearly spring from a place of great effort, even if in the end that effort is, as it usually should be, invisible.